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Business – Jasmine Star

Well today was pretty freaking sweet, I was able to get some time off my 9-5 to go and see Jasmine Star speak at the Image Quest Conference at the River Rock Casion and Resort it was a great experience finally being able to see her speak after following her blog for all these years. She’s a true inspiration that catapulted herself to being one of the top ten wedding photographers soon after she started by American Photo Magazine. The best thing about Jasmine is that she’s just Jasmine. One of the best moments of her talk was when she dove across the stage to hide her water glasses on the podium as someone was trying to take a picture and she didn’t want to “look like a camel” she then proceeded to mug for the camera.

Jasmine Star speaking at Image Quest 2010 in VancouverHer time was spent speaking to Branding your online presence and I came away with some great tips and insight and be sure to stay tuned for more updates here on my blog. I hope to make this a better experience for you as a reader and me as a writer. annnnnnnnnnnnnd what would meeting one of your inspirations be without a cheesy club-eque shot with them !

Kurtis Stewart and Jasmine Star

Until next post, see you around.

Assisting – Ed White at Vancouver Convention Center

Just a quick post. I was asked to help Ed White on another shoot this week. This time it was at the Vancouver Convention Center. It was very cool to walk into the main hall and see it this empty…

That’s one of the things I like about assisting is the fact you get access to some cool areas not usually seen by the public. Every time I’ve been here its full of booths or boats. Overall a fun shoot, thanks Ed !

Assisting – Ed White at The Hyatt

Hello all, you may remember I shot with Ed White a while ago. Part man, part camera…

This past week he gave me a call to come assist at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver. This shoot we only had two angles to complete for the client. One of the techniques we employ is to light for one side of the room at a time. This allows us to put lights directly in the shot and combine it with a “clean plate” when we have lights on the other side. We were in and out so quick I only had time to grab this quick shot of one of the sets….

before we packed up and headed our seperate ways to watch the Canada Russia hockey game. I think we all know how well that went. Go Canada Go!