Author: Kurtis

Assisting – Ed White at HSBC

I just had a sweet weekend assisting Ed White . Ed is a great laid back photographer who went to school at the Brooks Institute in California. He shoots primarily with hot lights for his architecture and for a five floor building with various lighting issues, that means a “small” amount of gear. The sweetest bag has to be what we put the lightstands in. It’s designed by before they got into photo bags. It was actually designed to carry a rocket launcher for military use. Guess which one it is?

our gear for the weekend
Just a bit of gear...

Ed shoots with a sweet P25 back, hopefully I’ll get my hands on this kind of gear some day in the future. For those that don’t know the back replaces film and kicks out a HUGE file that gives you so much to work with it’s drool-worthy (…think of a sensor the size of your club camera). Here’s a shot of Ed cleaning said back.

So long dust and such !

We spent the whole weekend shooting the new HSBC building out in Burnaby. It’s meant to being going more towards more of an EA feel. Each floor has a color theme and some cool quotes.

HSBC Wallpaper
Each floor has quotes everywhere from different parts of the world

Working architecture is all about the small details but it’s amazing the difference changing the height of a chair, monitor or window blind can do to the shot. The first day was pretty hectic as the clients flew in from Chicago and we had a list of “must shoot” at dusk which involved a bit of dashing around to make the light last. We got it all done and wrapped at around 10:30pm. The next day was a little more chill, well as chill  as moving gear around a 5 story building can be (thank you elevators). All in all a sweet weekend, thanks Ed !

Fail Better – My New Mantra

Fail better,

While backpacking through Europe for 3 months I got back to the unique situation of having to learn a WHOLE bunch of things from scratch. I had to try different ways to do things…some more than others. I’m sorry if I’m going to generalize here but I believe as we get older (yes at a ripe 22 I’m allowed to use that phrase) we get comfortable with what we know. I know I was comfortable in Vancouver, I had a job friends and a nice routine. Going to Europe threw that all out the window for me which I think was a great learning experience. Something that I would like to keep a hold of even though I’ve got a closet now.

In the past I was afraid to try new things for FEAR of failing and I don’t think that should hold any one person back. Edison viewed the lightbulb not as 200 failures but rather as a 200 step process. At this moment I have about 6 blank sketch pads in my room  waiting for me to get a perfect sketch in there. The fear of failure has left them blank. This year I want to consciously go out there and try new things, learn a bit each step of the way and know that I AM LEARNING.

In 2010 I endeavor to:

1)  Always have a camera on me

2)  Post on this blog a minimum of twice a week

3)  Each post will have an image to accompany it.

Now that I’ve laid it all out there I can’t wait to stick to this and see what kind of audience builds here.

Fill those sketchpads, Fail Better.

Shot as I was ripping along the new Canada line to the Airport

Seckel Germany, Google it, I dare you


So my trip is finally winding down and with less than a week till I hit LA it seems like all my directional desicions are made for me. For those of you that have traveled before you can understand what a sigh of relief that is after 2.73 months of travel NOT deciding where to go next is a deelightful change of pace.

I have just arrived at my German side of the family’s house in Seckel, Google it, I dare you. For those Google map savy people you will see that Seckel is comprised of 6 houses. Here I am thinking I grew up in a “small” town with one stoplight. They don’t even have a stoplight. Epic.

However the view here is unbeatable and as I type this post the rain is beating down on the windows of the Paradise Travels  (German Travel company run out of the house) Which has a panorama view of the beautiful valley below. The office is  just off my very OWN bedroom. That is right, I have my own bedroom while I stay here, no loud Italians can come in at 3am having an intense discussion at the top of their lungs. Rest, peace and quiet will be the them of the next couple of days. I hope to devour the two colossal books I got in Dresden and perhaps finally start to fill the sketchpad I bought in Berlin…..a month and a half ago. Drawing stick people is kind of what brought me to Photography but who says I can’t attempt to at least graduate passable anatomy.

The other thing that will be on my mind during the next couple of weeks is finding a place back home. I hope to move out for January 1st. Might be a total pain with the Olympics coming up and all but I will at least attempt it. If anyone reading this knows of people that are looking for a deelightfully tall roomate, let me know.

See you all soon.