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Creative – @holly_mj 5/7


Another in the series of images of @holly_mj… with makeup by Geeta Singh… This is one lighting setup that I was REALLY wanting to try but don’t have the gear for. Luckily enough at Studio 304 it was no problem. Basically took to giant V-Flats (read as two 9’x4′ pieces of foamcare that are taped together to make a V) and placed them on either side of me at camera, stepped back a little with a longer lens and BAM. We create the image below.

Holly Monday Janus
Love the light given by two v-flats with Norman's firing into them - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Creative – @holly_mj 4/7


Another in the series of images of @holly_mj… with makeup by Geeta Singh…For a majority of this shoot I played with strobes here there and everywhere… after I while I looked up at the skylight and *facepalmed* a little bit. Without that skylight I wouldn’t have been able to create this awesome image:

Holly Monday Janus
Sometimes strobes aren't right for a shot and you have to go with available light - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

One of my favorites from the shoot. I would describe it as casually fashion-esque. Yes people, that’s what we’re going with.

Until next time.

Creative – @holly_mj 3/7


Strike me dead and call me Sally! I’ve COMPLETELY neglected to mention the Makeup Artist whose skills have completely made this whole shoot shine/matte what have you. Geeta Singh is a wonder, if you every need someone on set to make everyone look absolutely fabeau she’s your gal. Can’t wait to call her once I get another one of these shoots lined up.

Holly Janus
Experimenting with different lighting tools at Studio 304 - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Holly, thought it silly putting her first name up there as how would the talent scouts find her then? So I changed it to her twitter handle @holly_mj.