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Equipment – Canon 300mm f/2.8


I recently posted about the images I shot at the Vancouver Nighthawks Tryout. For this shoot I rented a Canon 300mm f/2.8 from Beau Photo. You can see the monster sized piece of glass pictured below…

Kurtis Stewart rents a Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens

It was definitely a whole different experience shooting with this beast vs. my regular 24-70mm. The weight and the fact it’s a fixed lens take a little getting used to but the images I was able to get were well worth it.

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Equipment – Fenix LD12 Flashlight


I was recently on a shoot at night in the pitch dark under the Burrard Bridge (read as: Moria). After whipping out my iPhone for the upmteenth time I vowed to get a decent flashlight for assisting. Enter the Fenix LD12….

Kurtis Stewart's Fenix LD12 Flashlight

About the size of a roll of quarters this flashlight is essentially like having the sun in your hands…with 4 brightness levels. I picked this little gem up at Vancouver Battery. Danny, the owner, is just about the nicest dam guy ever. If you ever need batteries or flashlights, tell him Kurtis sent you!

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Equipment – What camera do I shoot with?

I’m asked pretty frequently what kind of camera I shoot with and for some jobs it looks a little like this. Really it’s not about the camera though…you could give me the same hockey puck that Sidney Crosby used in the Gold medal game and I couldn’t even begin to make it do what he does.

I had a couple questions from people wondering how/what I did to create the images from my Playground 2 event coverage. Well, I used this camera/lens here:

Canon 5D with Pinhole

Well some of your are probably wondering where is the lens?…

Short answer: It’s right on the camera.

I created a digital pinhole camera out of some gaffer’s tape, tinfoil, a sewing needle and some guess and testing. With pinhole photography light comes through that tiny hole at a very high aperture setting rendering everything in scene in focus. Couldn’t get the exact aperture on site so you have to guess and test a little with exposure times. On the Canon 5D this “lens” ends up being the equivalent of a 80-90mm.

In short it is not the camera that matters, more so the person holding it.