Creative – “One Foggy Night” Series 2/7


Need context? This should help you out.

The Basketball Court's recess - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart
The Basketball Court's recess - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Now I hate dislike when you’re told what to think about a body of work, on the other hand I also….dislike when there is no context to the work so you’re left waffling so I’m going to try and walk the fine line and describe a little about this shot.

  1. This is my Grade 7 school’s playground
  2. I like how every time I look at it I strain my eyes hoping that I’ll see more in the shadows
  3. I like the hotspots given by the slick concrete
  4. Overall I like how it’s just a suggestion of all the items (to try and make that a little clearer than mud, I look at each object and go “That’s a basketball hoop” but have to pause a little and check the shot before I say it…clearer right?).

More to come, enjoy.

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