Fail better,

While backpacking through Europe for 3 months I got back to the unique situation of having to learn a WHOLE bunch of things from scratch. I had to try different ways to do things…some more than others. I’m sorry if I’m going to generalize here but I believe as we get older (yes at a ripe 22 I’m allowed to use that phrase) we get comfortable with what we know. I know I was comfortable in Vancouver, I had a job friends and a nice routine. Going to Europe threw that all out the window for me which I think was a great learning experience. Something that I would like to keep a hold of even though I’ve got a closet now.

In the past I was afraid to try new things for FEAR of failing and I don’t think that should hold any one person back. Edison viewed the lightbulb not as 200 failures but rather as a 200 step process. At this moment I have about 6 blank sketch pads in my room  waiting for me to get a perfect sketch in there. The fear of failure has left them blank. This year I want to consciously go out there and try new things, learn a bit each step of the way and know that I AM LEARNING.

In 2010 I endeavor to:

1)  Always have a camera on me

2)  Post on this blog a minimum of twice a week

3)  Each post will have an image to accompany it.

Now that I’ve laid it all out there I can’t wait to stick to this and see what kind of audience builds here.

Fill those sketchpads, Fail Better.

Shot as I was ripping along the new Canada line to the Airport

  1. jen
    8 years ago

    YAY Kurtis! I’ve always been afraid to fail too… and you’re right… I’ve been so afraid to fail, I just don’t try anything… so I’m determined to change that and change my life… I started a new blog… check it :

  2. 8 years ago

    Good stuff Kurtis, just go for it!

  3. 8 years ago

    Thanks Jen, I’ll check out your blog for sure.

  4. 7 years ago


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