Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 2238 with Catharine O’Brien-Bell


Another post in an effort to digitize all of the work I did in the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging Program. You can see all the previous posts here. In the second semester of the program Photo 2238 focused on Studio Techniques. The assignments in this course were:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Fall Fashion Concept
  • Surfaces
  • Architecture
  • Multiple Exposure / Motion Control
  • Food
  • Beverage Illustration
  • Same Item
  • Creative Display
  • Photojournalism

Most of these assignments were an extension of all the skills I had learned in previous courses, so for the sake of brevity I won’t re-list them. You’re welcome to read all the previous courses here.

Until the next binder…

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