Author: Kurtis

Event Coverage – AMEBC Conference

Recently I was asked by PR Associates to photograph the Association of Mining and Exploration Conference at the Westin Bayshore downtown Vancouver. This is an event I covered last year as well and I was delighted to see that I would have the opportunity to capture Jean Chretien and Gordon Campbell speak at the Awards Dinner.

Gordon Campbell and Jean Chretien at the AMEBC Conference

Covering the event gave me the opportunity to see Mr. Chretien speak and he started by poking a bit of fun at himself wondering how he was up so late (PST vs. EST).

Jean Chretien checking his watch

Jean Chretien is an excellent speaker (most past PM’s are, doncha know?) but I found he had an extra wow factor when in person. This is one of the many things I enjoy about event coverage, the ability to see things that aren’t usually accessible to the general public.

Jean Chretien

I look forward to the possibility of covering this event next year and the interesting speakers that it may bring.

Assisting – 2010 Olympics

So I signed up about 2 years ago to be up on Cypress Mountain as a Photo Assistant and now my time has come. I had my first shift and it was sweet. I spent a majority of my day on the halfpipe getting it ready for the photographers from Getty, Reuters, Sports Illustrated and other news sources. Here’s a shot of what it ended up looking like in the end.

See those blue fences on either side? That’s my masterpiece myself and a ton of other assistants lugged 54 pieces of fence up either side. After we were all done with that I was able to go up and supervise the halfpipe training where as you can see I got a little up close and personal with a man named Shaun White.

For those of you who don’t know of him he is the top Snowboarder in the world. He’s sponsored by Burton and Redbull. Redbull actually went and built him his own halfpipe in Colorado at a super secret location to practice for the 2010 Olympics.Overall a sweet freaking day.

Kurtis vs Zakk 990 – Round 1

Alright so some of you may have noticed that I changed my blog theme. I wanted to be able to have a higher focus on images rather than this whole type-y thing.

Kurtis Stewart fixing a tire
Testing, Testing 1...2...3...

This is just to see how large of an image I can get away with…and yes I know how to fix car tires. Anyone else got a flat ?