I make things hard on myself. I set a goal for myself achieve it (…eventually) once I get there I think

“That was too easy I should change this so I’ve achieved nothing and raise the bar higher”

I realize it’s a good idea to push yourself…to a point. Isn’t it a LITTLE ridiculous to create the path of MOST resistance for yourself. This really hit me when I saw this here:

You could take the unnecessarily windy bike path orrrrrrrrrr the straight sidewalk... - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Are you taking the bike route or the sidewalk ?

  1. Tehya
    7 years ago

    But isn’t the windy bike path more fun?

  2. 7 years ago

    Touche madam, touche. It’s a little bit of balance I find. You can work a 17 hour day…but why ? Just something I try to stay conscious of.

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