Personal – NYC – Harlem and the International Center of Photography


Wandered up to Harlem to check it out for myself after listening to an interesting Photobook talk “125th: Time in Harlem”. This is where my feet lead me…


The good old 604, I missed you Vancouver.

Harlem Harlem Harlem Harlem

Ended up in upper Manhattan where this time of the year the construct ice rinks seemingly everywhere. I guess skating is a novel thing in New York… [insert Canadian Joke here].

Skating Rink

My final stop of the day was at the International Center of Photography for Sebastião Salgado’s recent show “Genesis”. It was all about our planet, the people, the land, and the animals.

International Center of Photography

He has such a large body of work the gallery color coded the walls for each continent the selection of images were from.

International Center of Photography

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