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So I’ve finally got my bearings in this city and it’s already time to go. For any people coming to Amsterdam you look way edgier if you refer to it as “A’Dam” in emails.  The transit system here would take Translink in Vancouver, pick it up by the ears and give it a sound thrashing. There are more bike paths then there are sidewalks…which leads to some tension from the cyclists regarding my wingspan.

Of late I’ve had some serious issues uploading images onto this blog or even Facecrack. I think I’ll have to dumb down the size of the files to make it more friendly to the numerous speeds of internet connections I’ve run into.

Yesterday I went to a Couchsurfing organized soccer games and met an amazing Italian named Federico. I told him I was traveling to Pisa and Viareggio. He asked how long I would stay and I said “for a tournament for 3 days”. He promptly responded with “Fack you, you need to stay at least 10 in Italy. You insult me.”

Anyhow, off to downtown for my last day of frivolity. I’ll be checking out the Van Gogh Museum and also the Redlight District. Fitting way to end my time here.

Off to Germany !


  1. Sonal the GREAT says:

    LOL so im guessing your staying in Italy for 10 days now?

    Hope everythings well Kurtis!! Reading your blogs, I want to fly down and travel with!! So jealous. I cant wait to hear more about your trip!! Be safe kiddo.

  2. Sandy says:

    Hey Kurtis…
    We understand that “Italian Connection” all too well. Anyway…It sounds like the trip is going to just pick up pace all along the way. I agree with the “Transit| comments you made. I just looked up the BART system in California as I head there next month to visit “The Parental Units”….I can pick up from the airport and get “here there and everywhere”…saves $ on a rental car and makes me feel like I am being “green” for a change.

    As you have heard me say before…stay safe, play safe…and have an adventure of a lifetime….AND….when in doubt…text Nathan. . . LOL

  3. Kat says:

    Um ya… so 3 days in Italy is absurd… you need to spend more time there, and not just on the beach playing ultimate my friend.

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