Blog Arrived Safe and Sound

Arrived Safe and Sound

Here I am safe and sound. I left for my flight at 5:15pm (thanks for the ride Jake !). Landed in Chicago at the O’Hare airport. Apparently they are putting in a bid for the 2016 Olympics…the PA system announces it about every 10 minutes (great for me on a 3.5 hour layover). I took this cool shot on a moving escalator between terminals.

Between terminals they have this...
Between terminals they have this...

Flew to Amsterdam, it ended up being a 7.5 hour flight. It was my first time on a 767 (read as: 7 seats across with 2 aisles). I waited patiently at the luggage pickup for my bags. Was a little worried but my bag showed up at last. I took a train to Duriendrecht…. (KNOW I spelt that wrong) and then got on the local city metro…which apparently you need a different ticket for so I was promptly locked within a station…..great. Talked to the Dutch transit people and they took pity on me (think the Canada Flag on my bag helped). I found my host really close to the train stop and got all my stuff settled.


My host Ashleigh has a cat that is the MOST energetic animal I’ve encountered. Evrytime I opend a new section of my bag she/he would stick their head in and investigate for mice or perhaps tuna…or rubber bands, this cat goes nuts over rubber bands.

Anyhow I think that’s plenty for now. Hope to go downtown this afternoon and perhaps see the Van Gogh Museum or Vondel Park (similar to Central Park I’m told)

Thank you all for the supportive emails, I really appreciate it !


  1. Mo says:

    Enjoy it Kurtis! Don’t forget those postcards you promised! I’m leaving for MY 3 week roadtrip tomorrow – should be dope! Take care, I’ll be reading!

  2. Claudia says:

    hey kurtis
    see…. I knew.. sooner or later a cat will do it. LOL !!
    glad you are OK! here everything is same old.. same old.
    I really liked your first picture. I will send you a bigger e-mai from home.

    Take Care.

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