Blog Assisting – Anthony Redpath

Assisting – Anthony Redpath


Received a call from Anthony Redpath to help out with a night shoot. Anthony is also a graduate of the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging Program. He has a pretty amazing portfolio and a TON of experience under his belt:

Click on the image to see the rest of Anthony's awesome portfolio

The one thing I love about assisting is every job with a new photographer is like a job interview…sans resume. Some of you may be thinking what a tortuous thought (…perhaps I like the nervous-ness/feeling fear). Really it comes down to proving yourself on set with the skills you’ve learned at previous jobs.

That being said there is a ton of photographic gear out there to be familiar with but any of that previous knowledge goes OUT THE WINDOW when you’re trying to setup a new power pack in a pitch black alley…iPhone thanks for bailing me out there…give or take a 1/2 stop.

We were rolling pretty guerilla for the whole shoot and since it was so cold out our battery packs drained a little faster than  expected. Ending up…borrowing some power from a building that was close. Thirty minutes of charging and we were good to go for the final two shots.

UPS and Battery pack side by side - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

On the left we have an APC-UPS on the right is Explorer XT Battery pack. You may be asking what these black boxes are for?

The UPS is used to provide the computer with a consistent power source for capturing files off of the P45 back Anthony was shooting with. This ensures that we don’t lose power mid capture and risk corrupting the file. Looking at getting one of these for my office for all of my hard drives.

The Explorer XT unit is used to hook the lights up to for on site power. Great to have around when you’re in serious lack of outlets. WARNING, don’t use the modeling lights on your packs if you want it to last a while.

Anthony, great shooting with you and I hope it’s not to long until I see you on set !

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