Blog Assisting – Joaquin and Ana Pedrero @ Burnaby Lake Greenhouses

Assisting – Joaquin and Ana Pedrero @ Burnaby Lake Greenhouses


Despite all my personal posts this week (have to get back into writing SOMEhow)… I have been working. I recently assisted  Joaquin and his wife Ana Pedrero on a job for Burnaby Lake Greenhouses shooting their winter floral arrangements. For those of you that don’t know Burnaby Lake Greenhouses, they are a HUGE operation (they’re the people who supply Costco etc). They have over 150 acres of land, 75 of which is warehouse/greenhouse. One of the really neat things about being there was seeing all the employees zipping around on bicycles to get from place to place as it’s too far to walk quickly. I found out they have 250+ bikes on site, crazy…

Crazy awesome.

kurtis stewart assisting joaquin pedrero at burnaby lake greenhouses
(Clockwise from top left) All the gear we brought to the job, the lighting setup, a fraction of the seasonal plants that we ended up shooting, and a quick snapshot of the scale of the warehouse we were shooting in (seriously took me 10 min to walk to the other end).

It was great working with Joaquin and Ana and I hope to be on set with them again sometime soon!

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