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Equipment – What camera do I shoot with?

I’m asked pretty frequently what kind of camera I shoot with and for some jobs it looks a little like this. Really it’s not about the camera though…you could give me the same hockey puck that Sidney Crosby used in the Gold medal game and I couldn’t even begin to make it do what he does.

I had a couple questions from people wondering how/what I did to create the images from my Playground 2 event coverage. Well, I used this camera/lens here:

Canon 5D with Pinhole

Well some of your are probably wondering where is the lens?…

Short answer: It’s right on the camera.

I created a digital pinhole camera out of some gaffer’s tape, tinfoil, a sewing needle and some guess and testing. With pinhole photography light comes through that tiny hole at a very high aperture setting rendering everything in scene in focus. Couldn’t get the exact aperture on site so you have to guess and test a little with exposure times. On the Canon 5D this “lens” ends up being the equivalent of a 80-90mm.

In short it is not the camera that matters, more so the person holding it.

Architecture – Graham Building Designers

I was contcted by Graham Building Designers to shoot the addition to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. They needed the interiors of all 5 floors, mechanical rooms and externals for their future marketing materials.

Vernon Jubilee Hospital Addition, Graham Building Designers

I was a great project to work on and everybody on site ensured the entire two day shoot went off without a hitch.

“Kurtis, we appreciate the fantastic job you did for us.  You definitely exceeded our expectations. You came to site and worked hard with excellent results.” – Bradley Stewart, Graham Building Designers

Portrait – Paul Young and Crew


Was lucky enough to be contact by Paul Young to capture his entourages time together before heading off the their grad ceremony.

Paul Young
Paul Young, serious swagger - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart
The entire crew of corsages - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart