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Personal – Spanish Banks


Posting this under “Creative” as I don’t really want to have a landscape-esque category on the site. Had a great talk with Adam and Kev about my creativity and how I can work on a couple of things to gain new perspective on the whole process itself. After talking it over I realize I completely rush the whole shooting process to get it out there on the web.

For clients that need an image on a deadline, great.

For personal work, not so much.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be working on slowing down my shooting and looking at process and finding out what I like about this or this or this.

Spanish Banks looking at Downtown Vancouver
Spanish Banks looking at Downtown Vancouver, trying a new watermark on my images when I found some blog post images on a stock site... flattering...sorta - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

I think it’ll be a little better of a system for finding out what I like to shoot as I continue to narrow down my forté.

Food – Megabite Pizza


Slowly but surely getting back into posting mode and I realize how random these last couple posts will look right beside each other days and weeks apart.

The big Megabite shoot I mentioned a while back is retouched, shipped and done. Here is a Contact sheet of all the images we created, essentially the entire menu (pizza, sauces and sides):

Megabite Shoot, the Menu
Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza SAUCE ! - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

As well at the end of the shoot I played with some of the wings and macro to give them a little something extra and different.

I aim to please.