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Business – Website Update


Now that the new site is up time to make some tweaks here and there. If you’ve visited lately (thank you) you’ll see I’ve adjusted the top bar to make it a little more obvious where you are on the site:

Top Bar of

As well as the bottom bar for some additional way to contact/connect with me:

bottom bar of

Recently I’ve contracted Blue Lotus Creative to bring my blog more in line with the design on my site. Stay tuned for those awesome-tastic changes.

Event Coverage – 5/5


A while back I mentioned a project Adam and Kev were working on called Playground. The band that was asked to play was Watasun. Here of some of the stills I shot from the test run night…

No barrier between the crowd and musicians, a purer experience - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

The venue was setup so the audience could sit around the performers giving it a very community-esque feel. Can’t wait to go to the next iteration of Playground!