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So I post everyday something on this blog. Now that I’ve gotten into the habit of writing I wanted to write a little more but couldn’t find the right venue until I was shown
Check out the site, well worth it ! - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

You can sign up with just about any account you can possibly have. It is based around the idea of writing 3 pages a day from The Artist’s Way, this works out to about 750 words. Since you can really get into a groove I found it frustrating to write in a book as I can type much faster and get all these fleeting ideas out much quicker that usual.

It can track your progress and you can see your subconscious based on the vocabulary used. Very cool.

I’m now going to try and commit to writing a blog post/day as well as my 750 words…we’ll see how this goes…

Business – @GuyGowan Workshop


Continuing my education where/when I can, I was recently lucky enough to attend a two day seminar by Guy Gowan at Studio 304

Guy Gowan
Guy Gowan passing on one of his many tips and tricks to make your life easier - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

The first day focused on tightening up workflow. After watching guy for about 20 minutes he’d put everyone in the room to shame on their back end retouching workflow…including me. That being said the talk was extremely informative and as soon I get all the notes and tidbits I wrote down typed out I’ll be implementing them into my own workflow shortly.

The nice thing about the two days was he didn’t plug his CD/DVD/whatchamowho gadget to death. He did use a Powermate which looked pretty cool but only mentioned what it was after someone asked.

Second day was all creative retouching. Very cool to see all the applications for some of his techniques on images.

The one thing that floored me the most was how effective his techniques were. He would regularly zoom the image to 1% (it looks smaller than a postage stamp), then he would start his retouching. He had a really interesting perspective on images as he came from a SERIOUS pre-press background which gave him the solid foundation one which he bases his entire classes.

End game, he’s in your city, take his class. You’ll save enough money in the first week of utilizing his workflow to pay for his workshop 10x over.