Blog Business – New Website Design [LIVE] 2/2

Business – New Website Design [LIVE] 2/2


New website is live! What will you find there ? You’ll have to click on the image below to find out:

Click on the image to visit my re-vamped website - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Checked it out? Sweet. Find something broken, please let me know.

A little bit of my reasoning for the changes.

  1. Gigantic Name: wanted it to stand out as soon as people loaded the site. No more “Who’s work is this?”
  2. Top Bar: Future/Past/Present Clients… I wanted them to be able to contact me right away (iPhone/Mail/Outlook Friendly). No one was using my old contact form to get in touch with me, high time to ditch that page and script.
  3. LARGE Images: I made the images as large as I could get away (worked my layout from 1440x900px slate aka the max resolution on my laptop), don’t want anybody squinting to find the details.
  4. Where’s the rest? Missing portfolio link? ….Not quite. My pet peeve is going to a website that requires more than two clicks (read as: all those little thumbnails type galleries). I found the biggest failing of my last site was that so much of the work I loved was hidden about 8 clicks away from the user. So this time around I’m not going to make that mistake. Enter the power of scrolling, what mouse nowadays doesn’t have a scroll wheel? If people want to see more they can check out my blog (where as you know there are a ton of images,writings and ramblings to check out).
  5. Three images….? For now. I just want to showcase the work I loved to do and I’m ecstatic about the end result. I’ll be working on getting that number higher throughout 2011.

In the future I’ll be adding links from each image to a “How’d he do that ?” post to help maintain the minimalism on my portfolio site while still showing the post production process it took to get to that point.

A big thanks to Jason RyantNick Schelle and Jake Maddison for their input, patience and feedback.

Any more feedback? Please let me know, I’m always looking at making my site better.

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