Blog Business – A Conversation with Jonathan Cruz

Business – A Conversation with Jonathan Cruz

While working at work yesterday Jonathan Cruz happened to stop by Creekside while location scouting for a portrait session. We had a very positive conversation about where photographers need can be positioning themselves in the market these days.

One thing that has been harped to me has been specialize, specialize specialize. The problem I find with this is that I like to solve all sorts of photographic problems and that could be architecture, portraits, weddings or retouching. Jonathan pointed out that there are clients out there looking to develop a relationship with a photographic professional that can adapt to different situations. It was great to hear from a photographer working in the industry full time that this is a possibility.  You can see his work below.

Click on the image to check out Jonathan's work

I met Jonathan years ago when I volunteered to be a model for Vanity for Charity, a Fashion Show/ Concert. The crux of the whole event is to raise money for a Women’s Shelter downtown. Basically they do before shots of all the volunteers, do an entire makeover courtesy of Axis and clothing donated by various shops in Gastown.

After the whole makeover process Jonathan documented all the volunteers on a quick walk through Gastown (10-15 minutes tops). I was one of the first models to go out (I’m a guy, and how long could my haircut take ?) and instantly resonated with his shooting style, have a conversation with the model and see what you can find to work with on street/back alleys/parks. After my shoot was finished I was fiddling with my SLR, taking some shots of friends that came along and worked up the courage to ask him if I could tag along while he shot the rest of the models… and he said yes.


So I tagged along with Jonathan and his assistant and was able to shoot along with them with these great models. A fantastic experience that definitely pushed me further towards pursuing photography.

While I don’t have any images that Jonathan shot here’s what I looked like when I got home.

Yes, I used to be THIS good looking. That was me post makeover. – © Kurtis Stewart 2010

Thanks Jonathan for the continuing inspiration, I hope to cross paths with you again sooner than later.

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