Blog Business – Assistants, you should get one

Business – Assistants, you should get one


Assistants are the greatest things to happen to Photographers since…well…film. I can’t stress enough the value of having an assistant on set for you. As a photographer your time is valuable and having an assistant on set means you have twice as many hands and eyes to make sure everything runs smoothly. I find that having an assistant there allows me to focus more on the job at hand and worry less about watching gear, grabbing lunch and setting up lights.

I was lucky enough to find an assistant in Kelowna for a recent shoot of mine. Lindsey Fisette is also a graduate of the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging Program so we have a very similar background which made it extremely easy to work with her on set. Grabbed a shot of her mid job;

Click on the image to see some of Lindsey's work.

My advice, hire an assistant for your next shoot. My bet, you’ll never go to a shoot alone again.

Thanks again Lindsey for all your help!

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