Blog Business – Contract Signed with @AdamandKev

Business – Contract Signed with @AdamandKev


A smart man once said, “A verbal contract is about as good as the paper it’s written on…” I’ve been doing various work with Adam and Kev for the past year now and I thought it would be an interesting project to whip something up that outlined all the services I provide along with the various levels of compensation and stipulations that come along with certain projects(…that’s right people, I now speak basic lawyer). I thought you’d need a law degree to bang one of these out…

Purposefully blurry shot of the contract I signed - © Kurtis Stewart

I’ll be honest, it started as a bit of a mind map of all the various roles I play and evolved into a two page document of glory. Now it’s signed, dotted t’s and crossed i’s and looking back it wasn’t that hard. Granted there was a fair bit of back and forth between Kev and I before we were happy with the language used…

You can’t see in the blurriness but it’s actually written in Swahili.


Next project is to work up a blanket contract for all my individual clients that state image rights, deliverables, payment times etc.

…psh, I’m half done already.


  1. Kev says:

    I have one of these magic client contracts already. Obviously yours will be better, but I’ll send you it anyway.

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