Blog Business – Displaying your Pricing on the Web

Business – Displaying your Pricing on the Web


Pricing myself out was the toughest obstacle for me to overcome. There are so many different formula’s to take into account for pre-production, travel, shooting, post-production, retouching, archiving, image delivery, office supplies, equipment, software…. exhausting just listing them.

Now I’ve been hemming and hawing for a while now whether to provide my pricing on my website…or to keep the clean look I have right now (it’s just one page, I love it). There arguments for (cut down on enquiries that don’t have the budget for your services) and against (competitive market hide hide hide your prices).

I recently came across this marketing company called Forty Agency and I think they have completely nailed how to display your pricing on the web.

Forty's Pricing
Click on the image to check out their site

As you can see, completely awesome. A couple things that make this awesome:

  • State their rate right up front
  • Talk about what kind of clients they want.
  • Talk about what clients they don’t want
  • Quell fears of tight budgets etc.
  • Give you a feeling of what kind of company they are with their hilariously glib copy

Now to work out all my pricing without biting their style, it’s just so brilliant.

Stay tuned people.

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