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Business – E-Commerce Idea


I was walking by Costco and was all of a sudden interested in the size of their shopping carts, they’re HUGE. Granted everthing you get at Costco is huge but people seem to have this need to fill this space (…I’m guilty of going to Costco for a jug of milk and coming back with a microwave).

[Para-phrasing off of someone’s post that I can’t remember where I read it]

Think about it, do you have an empty closet in your house?…I’m willing to bet no. What if you magically had an additional closet? You’d probably find a way to fill that one too.

What if we took this approach with online shopping? What if instead of this …

0 Items, your shopping practices are unacceptable. Need a challenge ? - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

…it said 0/5 items? What kind of shopper doesn’t like a challenge ?

Suppliers would sell more stock
Customers would get a better deal on shipping/buying more items.

Could this be the new Groupon? Maybe, maybe not. Just an idea.

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