Blog Business – Getting what you pay for…Triscuit Fail

Business – Getting what you pay for…Triscuit Fail

**Disclaimer/Preamble: I’m not into bashing other people/companies for no reason. This was just too much of an A HA moment not to do a post about.**


Buying photography can scary.

There, I said it.

  • You’re not sure what you’re going to get
  • You’re worried it won’t be good enough, that your boss will be unhappy
  • You’re worried it won’t turn out the way you want…etc etc.

Writing that even made ME feel claustrophobic. I can totally understand when people are hesitant to purchase something they’re unsure of. It hit me right in the face the other day when I bought a box of Triscuits. Up until yesterday I was COMPLETELY in Triscuits corner, they had delicious crackers I couldn’t get enough of. I remember going to parties as a kid and looking straight for the Triscuits. So as a bout of the winter cold hit me I picked up some Triscuits because really what can chicken soup and Triscuits not fix?

So I opened one of two boxes I purchased pulled out the bag and I found this…

Triscuit, you've lost a customer...two if you've seen how many crackers I can eat - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Some might say the box is half full, I say it’s half empty (….so does my stomach). Now I’m not saying this is the worst transgression on the face of the planet but to try and bring this on track of the initial point of this post…if the average consumer is being shorted on something that only costs 2 for $6.98 how are they expected to trust a freelance photographer to give them a full box of crackers ?

I have to build that TRUST.

That’s why I love my job.

Nerve racking as it may be every job is another interview for me. My clientele know that a transaction with me is not finished until they are 100% happy with the product I have given them. You know why that has value dear internet? That has value because with that mentality I only need to work with someone ONCE to build that trust (and trust me, once is sometimes all you get). So NEXT time they’re walking down the aisle shopping for photographers they’re not going to pick up my box and go…”hmmmm last time I bought this it was half empty” they’re going to remember that I didn’t stop until they had what they wanted in their hands.

That to me, is priceless.

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