Blog Business – Letter to WestJet

Business – Letter to WestJet


So after the mishap earlier this week I wrote WestJet a letter;

To whom it may concern,

I have been flying WestJet ever since I have started coming to Kelowna for business. I choose your service for the speed and comfort provided by emergency exit rows (I’m 6’4″).

My flight (WS 422) was cancelled on February 17th due to it being hit by lightning on it’s way into Vancouver. The flight was supposed to leave at 6:35pm, passengers were notified of the cancellation and buses were organized to take passengers to Kelowna. Minor compensation was provided in the form of a $10 meal voucher for the YVR airport. The buses left at 9:30pm and arrived at the Kelowna airport at approximately 2:30am February 18th, 7 hours after the original expected arrival time in Kelowna.

I understand that WestJet met it’s “contractual obligations” by getting the passengers to their destination however being crammed onto a bus for 5 hours is not what I paid WestJet to provide. In comparison I could have taken a Greyhound bus for between $47-$58 dollars (about a quarter of your ticket price), ¬†that would have left Vancouver at 5:45pm and gotten me there by 11:50pm (2.5 hours earlier).

I would like to remain a loyal customer to WestJet but after this lackluster performance by your company I find it hard to justify paying for a service I may not receive.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kurtis Stewart
Hopefully get a response from them soon and resolve this whole matter.
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A test of WestJet's Customer Service - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

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