Blog Business – Meeting w/Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media

Business – Meeting w/Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media


I’ve touted Sebastian Marshall often enough on this blog, recently he posted this. Long story short the author Miguel said he was running an animation studio (Grumo Media) in Vancouver, BC and I thought…what were the odds that we both follow some guys blog from SE Asia? Had to meet him for coffee.

Grumo Media
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We met up and talked about our respective businesses, public speaking Sebastian’s posts, startups companies and marketing. The one big takeaway from the conversation was a point we got to when we found out that we were both door to door salesmen in Vancouver at one point (College Pro in 2002-ish for me).

Being a door to door salesmen helps you develop a thick skin REALLY quickly. Anybody going into marketing should definitely look into doing this for a couple months. The toughest thing to deal with is the constant rejection as tops only about 10% people will like/buy what you’re selling. So for every 100 people you talk to 90 are going to slam the door in your face. Miguel had a great perspective on it I’d never thought of before that I will now completely butcher in para-phrasing;

“…that person that slams the door in your face and says NO has brought you that much closer to the person that is going to welcome you in and say YES…”

Instead of fearing the “no’s” which believe me I did when I was doing this in Grade 9, look forward to them. Novel idea, game changer if you ask me. I would like to make a sweeping assumption that we as a society fear rejection. NOW all I have to do is talk to 100 people and get 90 of them to say NO and I’ll have ±10 sales. HOW EASY IS THAT.

From this point on I will EMBRACE rejection as a means to progress.

Great to have made another contact in this business 2.0 world. Thank Miguel for the insight!

As well he just threw up this site to help teach people how to make a great demo video, you can check it out here.


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