Blog Business – New Business Card printed by @clubcardca

Business – New Business Card printed by @clubcardca


Updated the website a while back and redoing my business card was lagging behind that. It’s drafted, designed, printed and done. After much fiddling and finessing may I present my new business card…

Business Card for Kurtis Stewart
Not your average crop...well it's not your average business card - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Now I’m not even sure which version this is..I think we went though about 18 iterations minimum. That being said I was working with just about THE most patient designer on the planet, Simone Sando.

What I love about this card (in no particular order):

  1. High Contrast, you can see that name across a pitch black room while wearing a misfitting balaclava
  2. Mimics my website, no branding differential.
  3. Minimalism, the only thing that is on the card is what needs to be on the card (note there isn’t a line for “” and “”)
  4. It’s printed Tree Free with Soy based inks at Clubcard

Now you’re probably asking yourselves “Why, why Kurtis did it take so long to design this amazing card?” Well…

  1. I’m a perfectionist
  2. that has commitment issues when ordering in bulk…
2500 Business Cards stacked up
2500 Business Cards stacked up, not going to be running out anytime soon - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Big thanks to Clubcard who were amazing at walking me through their ordering and printing process and of course Simone Sando who managed not to choke me as the process drew on.

One comment

  1. SLS says:

    Yahoooo they are done, and lookin good!
    Hand them out like candy and let the work roll in 🙂

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