Blog Business – Otterbox’s Awesome Customer Service

Business – Otterbox’s Awesome Customer Service


I recently broke my favorite iPhone case by Otterbox putting it back on after playing some music on a stereo. I was sad, but the case had lived a good long life and I had no qualms about tossing it in the bin… but then I thought  I wonder if it’s still under warranty. I went through my records and found taht I had purchased it 3 years ago (the case only had a one year warranty), regardless I emailed the customer service department. I heard back from them and all I needed to do was take three pictures with my name and the date on them for them to consider what to do. After sending them the picture below…

Broken Otterbox Case

I heard back from them right away that:

1) They’d be happy to replace my case

2) Sadly the version I purchased is no longer being manufactured.. so I’d have to pick from the brand new iPhone 4 / 4S line….(total torture right?)

So I went on the site to browse the new offerings and found that the color I wanted is out of stock. Dam. What the hell, I’ll email customer service anyways asking for it. “Mr. Stewart, we’d be happy to send you the case you mentioned in your email, I just checked with our manufacturer and we just have a new batch ready”. BOOM. A couple days later a very nice Fedex man arrived at my door with my new case…

My new yellow and black iphone case from Otterbox

I’m pleased as punch, and yes, yes, people do still say that. Thank you Otterbox, you rock! You need a case for your phone, you talk to them.

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