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Business – Retail Store Idea


I was sitting at a bus stop on my Way home from a shoot and overhead two ladies (who’s ages I will not divulge…or even attempt to guess. A smart man NEVER plays that game) talking about the good old days downtown…

Bus Stop
My leg at the #84 stop - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Apparently back in the…and I quote “good old days” there used to be coat check at Eaton’s and Sear’s during the winter. People would be all bundled up and once they got inside they’d roast. One of the ladies went on to say;

“…if they had that coat check down there I’d definitely stay downtown and shop longer”

…Now I’m not sure what big wig at Sears/Eatons nixed this coat check concept…and I’m not saying I’m a retail guru, but doesn’t having customers in your store LONGER = a greater possibility for sales?

Managers, careful to keep the good and nix the bad. Does one person paid minimum wage to manage a coat check really cut into your bottom line that much vs. the customer service experience you would providing? Just think if Sears provided coat check downtown how many people would walk through their doors and the exposure they would get from people utilizing that service? Worth $10ish/hour? I think so.

It’s the small things people.

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