Blog Business – Scott Hargis Presentation

Business – Scott Hargis Presentation


It’s good business to keep self educating so I recently attended a presentation by Scott Hargis put on by Vancouver Photo Workshops. It was great to see another perspective on photography, specifically the real estate market…

Scott Hargis Presentation
Scott talking about his humble beginnings. iPhone shot from the front row...KEENER! - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

One of the thing’s that Scott mentioned that I think will stick with me is:

“Shoot now what you want to shoot next year.”

I thought that was an EXCELLENT way to put personal work in context of the bigger picture. If you do a tiny little project right now, odds are you won’t have agents at your door the next day but give it a year a little exposure and luck and it could be all you shoot for the rest of your career. You should see little projects popping up on here more and more. Stay tuned people !

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