Blog Business – *Tentative* 2011 Business Card Design

Business – *Tentative* 2011 Business Card Design


Banging things out one after another now. Momentum people, momentum. Did the new website end of last year and I like that my old site and my old business card matched. New site, no new business card and I only have about a dozen cards left in my wallet so time to re-design, had a couple concepts but this was the quickest to bang out:

Tentative 2011 Business Card Design
Tentative 2011 Business Card Design - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

It would actually get chopped at the bottom right corner of “.com”, just wanted to squeak out a 990×660 shot. What do I like about this card?

  • Huge Name
  • Same look as my website (font, contrast, details)
  • Readable in the dark, good for handing out at receptions, restaurants etc.
  • Minimal, barest of details displayed but still enough to contact me

Why I’m not sending this to the printing press RIGHT NOW:

  • I’m concerned that the website address needs to be on there, but at the same time I think its looks too dumb repetitive to have “” stacked above “”. The clients I want to have should know that if my email is “” I also own the domain “”
  • Designing this in an office with no feedback, sometimes the only idea you have isn’t better than no idea at all.
  • I’m probably going to get 1000-2500 of these printed so I want to give it time to see it settle in my head as I’ll be looking at it a lot in the future.

What do you think? Let me know


  1. Moi says:


    to indicate the website portion of the info e-mail try a tonal difference for the portion…keeps it clean but indicates what to enter for website search vs e-mail…



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