Blog Business – Tentative Photography Income Budget

Business – Tentative Photography Income Budget


Goal I’ve been slacking on this week, budgeting. Scared, worried of failing, wondered where I read that reference to cost/marketing breakdown etc etc. Sat down and banged it out in 30 minutes, Excel equations and all. Am I a little concerned about putting this out there, yes. Do I think there’s more value in sharing it than keeping it to myself, ABSOLUTELY:

2011 Photography Budget
Threw in some values to show you all a reasonable yearly breakdown - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Now, little explanation.

  • Job Invoice: Not all my invoices are the same, go figure so I can throw the actual amount into this and it will tell me how much I have to allocate to each of the individual categories.
  • Yearly: How much I invoice a year. Not complicated
  • Monthly: Divides the Yearly by 12 to let me know what I can spend on each item each month.
  • Expenses: Total costs of running my business
  • Fun: Mostly for spending on awesome stuff like rent, cell phone, food etc. SO FUN.

Want a copy? I’d be more than happy to share, fire me an email

Feedback, I’d be more than willing to listen. Same email as above.

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