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We’re in the Web 2.0 age and we’re all trying to keep up. There are so many great learning resources out there for EVERY industry that can be taken advantage of. One such resource that premiered today is The Grid Live with special guest Jeremy Cowart

The Grid Live
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The barrier to having your own TV show is gone.¬†They have sponsorship from¬†Mpix and a couple other providers, the ability to stream video, some very knowledgeable hosts/guests and bam! They’ve got a show.

The concept for The Grid Live came up in a coffee shop when Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski wanted another forum where they could talk about more generic industry news (aside from their blogs and other shows). Todays discussion was based around iPad vs physical prints, Twitter vs. Facebook. Great points were made around it all as well as watching the discussion from viewers on twitter about the show.

I love being in an industry where people are willing to share and teach throughout their career path!

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