Blog Catch up !

Catch up !

Alright, so I feel kinda bad for not updating this as much as I thought I would….but on the other hand that means I’m not glued to a computer screen. In the last little bit I’ve been all over Italy (Viareggio, Pisa, Rome, Cinque Teree, Venice, Milan).


 Rome was great, so much to see and so many pictures. Here a classic for y’all.

That is the effect of hiking with all your bags on for 3 hours....hawt! Ladeez, the line starts here <points while flexing his guns>
That is the effect of hiking with all your bags on for 3 hours....hawt! Ladeez, the line starts here

After Rome it was Cinque Terre, which is 5 villages all attached and you hike from each one. I did the first 4 in one day much to my wieghed down detriment. Granted I broke the record going from Village to Village. No wonder all these Italians can eat all this delicious Gelati ! big deal big deal

The Villages are all super tiny and right up on teh cliff faces….very cool.

Ummm...I'm on a BOAT !
Ummm...I'm on a BOAT !

In Venice there aren’t many buses so instead there are ferries. I got lost in Venice about a dozen times but by now I’ve perfected the broken english tourist….HALP. The puppy dog eyes I have developed are going to kill it when I get home (completely helps to point at the Canadian flag on each of my bags !).

Finally a non me shot
Finally a non me shot

Ok this one shot above I’m super proud of because I had to wait for this boat for about 45 minutes to get to the right spot for the sunset (Read crazy canadian runs along the boardwalk gauging angles and time it takes the sun to drop out of the sky….). I was quite please with it an I hope you enjoy it as well.

Right now I am back in Switzerland in a little town called Interlaken. I just got in last night so stay tuned for more pictures that will be up shortly. I miss you all and can’t wait to tell you all the crazy things I’ve been through when I get back.


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  1. Kat says:

    Wow that is so cool I’m so jealous! I want to go see this place, although maybe not do 4 villages in one day, that’s way to hardcore for me! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!

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