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Professional Development – “125th: Time in Harlem” Photobook Talk


I attended a talk sponsored by the SVA Photography Department about Isaac Diggs and Edward Hillel‘s recent collaboration “125th: Time in Harlem”. The talk was MC’ed by Vicki Goldberg of the New York Times and Vanity Fair. Here’s little bit about the project;

“125th: Time in Harlem examines Harlem’s paradox of place: the tension between the everyday reality of its streets – often contentious, always complex – and the cultural brand it has established in our collective imagination.

The project includes the book, exhibitions, and a series of public programs. The project’s aim is to extend the experience generated by the photographs through exchange and public participation at events and forums. Our hope is to encourage reflection on the past and future of Harlem, New York and other urban centers in rapid flux, and to explore the roles that artists and cultural thinkers play in imagining and shaping our communities.” – 125th: Time in Harlem

Through the whole presentation it was interesting to see the change in the neighbourhood as they kept going back to the same places over a number of years to document the change in the neighbourhood.


The most interesting part to me was when they started talking numbers and how you fundraise for a project like this. Their recommendations included;

  1. Work under the umbrella of a Non-Profit, in their case it was NYFA. Adds legitimacy.
  2. For larger scale fundraising make limited edition print runs for corporations that might be interested. You can sell 20-40 books to a company.
  3. Find a community cheerleader (helps with everyone-is-scared-to-be-the-first-to-jump-in-the-pool-syndrome)

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Professional Development – Distrikt Movement Talk


I recently attended a talk at the Lululemon Lab by Alex Mazerolle and Jian Pablico from Distrikt Movement. You might remember Alex from her talk at the Starting Out event that I captured last year. They told their story about what it’s like to go from napkin concept to full fledged gym/yoga/studio owners. It was very much a non-sugar coated talk and really refreshing to see local entrepreneurs out there grinding to make things happen, making mistakes along the way, and sticking to the values they established from the beginning (I sound like I’m pitching this to Hollywood…).

Distrikt was formed to combine and sustain both of their passions for working with youth, Alex runs Girlvana Yoga and Jian runs the Varsity Initiative. Distrikt runs a whole slew of Yoga/Crossfit/Fitness Classes so that they can make youth classes as accessible as possible, they’re definitely worth checking out. I know I want to try out the Crush Hush class, sounds awesome!


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Professional Development – Fashion Demo by Pooya Nabei


I was recently able to attend a Fashion demo by Vancouver Photographer Pooya Nabei. It’s always interesting for me, each time I walk onto a different photographers set. There’s so many different approaches to images creation I could spend the rest of my life assisting and still not have scratched the surface. It’s nice to step into a different world than event coverage and jog your creativity and perspective on how things can be done. We all generate our patterns and systems of thinking (…especially us Germans) it’s good to get a kick in the pants every once and a while and that’s exactly what this was. Here are some of the behind the scenes shots from the night.

kurtis_stewart_BTS_pooya_nabei_1 kurtis_stewart_BTS_pooya_nabei_1 kurtis_stewart_BTS_pooya_nabei_1 kurtis_stewart_BTS_pooya_nabei_1You can see more of my Professional Development posts here, for more updates follow me on Twitter or Facebook.