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Great Sites – Clarity


I don’t know where I’d be right now if it weren’t for photographers like Adam and Kev, Chris Morris, and Adam Blasberg (to name just a few). As a Freelancer, having colleagues to call up and bounce ideas off of is an invaluable resource, I’ll forever be in their debt. Clarity is just such a service for people that would like to talk to someone in an industry them might not be able to meet with traditionally. You can setup a time for a call or see who is available at that current moment.



I think it’s great that this resource has been created for professionals looking to catapult themselves forward in their industry.

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Great Sites – Quora


Have a question? Know a lot of answers? Quora is the place for you.

Quora Screen Grab

It’s kind of like crowd sourcing answers, it makes for some interesting reading if you’re a little sick of the morning paper (although be warned you can get sucked in preeeeeeeeeety easy). There are some great questions answered on the site and I look forward to devling a little more into what it has to offer.

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Great Sites – The Creators Project


I love seeing behind the scenes footage of artists, how they got there and what happened along the way. The Creators Project is an awesome site that looks at artists from across a wide array of genres. I particularly like the ones about music producers and DJ’s, something I’ve always respected but never gotten on the turntables myself to try it out.

The Creators Project Website Screengrab

This particular interview is with Richie Hawtin, a DJ from Berlin. There are many other to go through though, let me know if you find any more gems!

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