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Equipment – iPhone Apps I use


I mentioned in an older post I had picked up an iPhone… also known as the best purchase EVER.

Why yes, yes, there is an App for that - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

I had a question from Christy King who just got an iPhone about what apps I use most for business, time management etc. So I thought that would make for an excellent blog post. So, without further adieu…

My must have apps, in no particular order, comma:

  1. Evernote great for capturing ideas, sound bytes, images and syncing them with you Mac.
  2. Calvetica (Narrow) Immensely superior to iCal. Much cleaner design and easier event input. It also lets you set the default appointment to smaller than 1 hour increments which is great for the half hourly time management I try to stick to.
  3. Shazam you hear a song you like and don’t know the artist to save your life, this is the app for you.
  4. ShopSavvy great for christmas shopping if you want to quickly compare prices while on the run.
  5. Spending expense tracking. Want to know where all that pocket change goes? Try using this for a month and see.
  6. Angry Birds there had to be some addictive game on here somewhere.
  7. Netflix I can watch an episode of a movie on the bus and then when I get home start in the same place on either my Mac or XBox 360. Perfect.

Things I HAD on my iPhone but removed and their reasons below:

  1. Facebook I already spend enough time on this so I didn’t want to give myself the opportunity to waste more time when I could be watching a podcast on retouching and learn something more interesting than one of my friends IS making pancakes.
  2. WordPress good idea in theory but once you’re typing a post longer than 4 sentences I find typing on the iPhone a little tedious. As well it doesn’t give you the option to resize the images in your post.
  3. Remote this has not been replaced by Airplay on my Airport Express. Come home from a workout and keep playing the same song. Steve, you’re a genius.
  4. Billings I mentioned a couple posts ago. Thought it was a good idea to have kicking around….never used it. I just make sure to input all my jobs as soon as I get home from assisting/shooting for a client.

Another important part of my apps to me is how they are organized/access on your phone. You can see a shot of my home screen below:

iPhone Home Screen
All my apps lined up in a row - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

What’s you’re favorite app ?

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