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Equipment – My Desk Setup

My Desk,

My desk is awesome, it’s actually supposed to be a kitchen table as my sister constantly reminds me but it fits me just right (31.5″x63″). I have my MacBook Pro floated up by an MStand by Rain Designs and a 23″ Westinghouse External Monitor for all my retouching. I got the idea to float the monitors up from….you guessed it a blog I follow. It allows me to hide my 3 hard drives underneath, maximize desk space and actually have the monitors closer to the right height for me (yes those are cans I used to float the desk, currently looking for a “classier” solution).

My Desk
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There’s not much I would change about this setup other than:

  1. Still in need of a proper office chair, my current one is a little old school (read as film noire-ish)
  2. Would love to have a bus powered USB hub with at least 8 outlets as my iPhone is constantly fighting for space with my G10 cable and replugging in cables is sooooo passe

For now, this works.

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