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Equipment – New Data Capture System

Y’alright, so it’s about a week since I got my iPhone and thought it was worthy of doing a post about how my workflow has changed since then. I used to roll with my olde Samsung cell (on the right below) a Moleskine Notebook (that looks decidedly traveled in this image) and a Bic four color pen.

iPhone and Samsung with my Moleskine
New vs. Olde. How my life has changed since I switched to "the new hotness" - © Kurtis Stewart 2010

Now with the introduction of my iPhone I can capture all that info I got from cell messages/client phone calls in one device. I remember a thing I have to get done it goes straight into Remember the Milk (no more flipping through pages of the notebook wondering if I missed anything). Get an idea for a shoot BAM it gets fired into Evernote for future reference (it takes images, voice and text input so). Have some time to kill ? I can draft up a Blog post with Simplenote (I get and there it is on my browser). It tracks my spending so I think twice about getting that new photo accessory with Left to Spend and Ace Budget. I could go on but…

There is an app for that.

Hate me.

Going from a super base model cellphone to the iPhone has been a day and night change and I can’t believe I waited this long for it. Silly me. The one thing I will miss of my old system is the raw feeling of capturing an idea. Typing onto a touch screen doesn’t seem the same as writing it down with a pen. I’ll miss my Moleskine but at the same time it looks so much more professional to be pulling out an iPhone than my old ratty notebook, sad, but true.

Thank you to everyone who suggested awesome Apps for me to try out and here’s to many more in the future.

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  1. Jason says:

    Excellent post, Kurt. From my experience, I’m noticed that unless I maintain a habit of commuting with your headset (not a bad idea), the single most-important time for me to write down notes is when they are being communicated to me while on a call. Before iPhone, my ubiquitous capture device was a Post-It notepad and a 3 inch pen in my wallet. I still carry those around with me for those just-in-case times when I’m on the phone and can’t type at the same time.

    Also, you may be interested in learning about David Allen at this point. I recommend starting here.


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