Blog Equipment – Purchased Lightroom 3

Equipment – Purchased Lightroom 3


One of the reasons I got into photography in the first place is the fact that you have to keep up with the technology and you’re always learning. Realize that since graduating the Langara Professional Photo Imaging Program I’ve become a little more stagnant than I would like to be. I’ve gotten very comfortable with my workflow and haven’t taken the opportunity to go out there and see what I could improve. So, along with joining NAPP I also purchased Lightroom 3…

My Version of Lightroom
My new opportunity for a learning curve - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

With all to improvements such as tethered capture, lens correction improvements and the simple watermarking features it was a no brainer. As well it’s a program a ton of my colleagues use and I never want to be in a position where I can’t at least run a lap around a program. Tons of features to go through and workflow to change now that this is on my computer…

Now to learn it inside out like Photoshop…work in progress people, work in progress.

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