Blog Equipment – What camera do I shoot with?

Equipment – What camera do I shoot with?

I’m asked pretty frequently what kind of camera I shoot with and for some jobs it looks a little like this. Really it’s not about the camera though…you could give me the same hockey puck that Sidney Crosby used in the Gold medal game and I couldn’t even begin to make it do what he does.

I had a couple questions from people wondering how/what I did to create the images from my Playground 2 event coverage. Well, I used this camera/lens here:

Canon 5D with Pinhole

Well some of your are probably wondering where is the lens?…

Short answer: It’s right on the camera.

I created a digital pinhole camera out of some gaffer’s tape, tinfoil, a sewing needle and some guess and testing. With pinhole photography light comes through that tiny hole at a very high aperture setting rendering everything in scene in focus. Couldn’t get the exact aperture on site so you have to guess and test a little with exposure times. On the Canon 5D┬áthis “lens” ends up being the equivalent of a 80-90mm.

In short it is not the camera that matters, more so the person holding it.

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