Blog Event Coverage – Late Nite Art

Event Coverage – Late Nite Art


So I recently attended Late Nite Art and of course brought my camera along. The basic layout of the night is combine an up and coming chef, artist, DJ, facilitator/MC and a whole bunch of art supplies.

  • Chef serves up delicious food all night
  • Artist gives a quick talk on their work/process. In this case it was the very talented illustrator Ola Volla
  • MC gives you a creative thread to pull at to make some cool art (ie: “Draw with your eyes closed”, “What’s what most important gift you turned down?”)
  • DJ spins sweet turns while you’re making said art

I’m a self professed stick figure artist so this was a nice creative kick in the pants to just fail away on paper. I’d love to do it again sometime soon! You should definitely stay tuned for the next one via the Late Nite Art Facebook Page (or just to see some VERY flattering pictures of me). Some of my images from the night below:

Late Nite Art Late Nite Art Late Nite Art Late Nite Art

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