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Food – Megabite Pizza


Today I had a big 10 hour shoot for Megabite Pizza. They wanted to update their images as well as bring a level of consistency to all the menu items as they had added a couple new pizza’s and sides since they last shot their inventory.

Megabite Set
How to setup a studio in less than 50 sq/ft. - © 2011 Kurtis Stewart

Worked it out so I’d get all the shots in one day so the interruption to their business would be minimal. The staff were incredibly helpful throughout the day and I can’t thank them enough for their valuable support.¬†Toughest thing about the day was being constantly around delicious pizza!

Now to retouch all the files and send them off to the marketing department. Don’t worry I’ll be sharing a couple of them here on the blog for all to see once the client has them in hand.

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