Blog Heidelburg…. I mean Frankfurt

Heidelburg…. I mean Frankfurt

So, for those of you following me on FB you would have seen that I was aiming for Heidelberg. Turns out every sinlge hostel in the area was booked. They had some random yearly dance going on and everybody just filled this small town up. Ended up walking through the whole place at night which actually made it way sweeter. Cool old little town with….you guessed it, a castle.

With a little over two weeks left till my flight out of Amsterdam I’m figuring out where I want to go next that puts me in that direction. If I think more than a week ahead of myself I started getting swamped in choices so just a day at a time is fine for me.

On the 30th I will be flying into LA for three weeks. If you have any recommendations on where I should go, see or do let me know.



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