Blog How’d he do that ? – iPhone Shot

How’d he do that ? – iPhone Shot


Why do you follow most photo blogs. I realized that I love to see the behind the scenes (bts) stuff, how they got that angle, where that kicker was etc etc…


I was thinking while I shot this post’s main image here, it was a great opportunity to show a set shot.

Albeit blurry, this is how simple it can be folks. - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

Used a blank page in Safari as a ghetto softbox to fill the family of angles. Shot it on my stomach adjusting to get the proper amount of white reflecting in the screen as seen below.

An oldie but a goodie ! - © 2010 Kurtis Stewart

This may come off as a hokey post to you but this is a day and night difference for me. I used to think that a shoot needed to involve 8 packs, 2 assistants, 5 models, 2 MUA’s etc etc. I’ve broken that mentality and I’m not scared to show it. Thank. Goodness.

It can be simple.

It’s about the idea.

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