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I? alive – Vienna

Prague and now Vienna,

My travel plans change hourly as I meet more people at my hostel that give me their opinion on where I should go. So far I have enjoyed Eastern Europe and Berlin the most on my trip. It really is about the people you meet though. I got some wonderful advice from friends about setting down some roots in some places and it really has been to my betterment. Vienna has been very interesting so far Ive seen city halls that put Vancouver architecture on a whole to shame. They are having their version of Independence day this weekend so they had a big military vehicle exhibition outside of the city library. Being away from a computer for so long its funny to see how the time slips by so quickly. I try and get some of what has happened into my journal so I can tell all the things Ive been through.

Id like to make this post longer but I will have to find a computer without a frustrating 4 second delay after typing a letter.

Your faithfully  inconsistent updater,

Kurtis/K/K87/Chillaxe/Jive Turkey

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