Blog Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 1128 with Catharine O’Brien-Bell

Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 1128 with Catharine O’Brien-Bell


Another post in an effort to digitize all of the work I did in the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging Program. You can see all the previous posts here. Photo 1128 was focused primarily on Studio Techniques and is designed to compliment the technical side learned in Photo 1118. Some of the assignments were:

  • Print Spotting
  • Print Mounting
  • Archival Recreation
  • Copywork
  • Architecture
  • Perspective Control
  • Six Pack “Cans”
  • Lighting for Form
  • Lighting for Surface
  • Basic Portrait Lighting Patterns

Through this course I learned how to:

  • Hand retouch a photographic print
  • Mechanically dry mount and mat photographs and printed media
  • Produce a high quality set of prints from a good negative through conventional tray processing
  • Proper use of a 4×5 camera on Location
  • Make high quality reproductions from a variety of two dimensional materials
  • Handle and development of Lith Film
  • Create high quality architectural photographs of buildings from the best view point, at the best time of day
  • Understand view camera movements and control perspective and focus with a 4×5 camera
  • Emphasize and enhance the shape of an object (Cube, Cylinder, and Sphere) through the use of lighting
  • Emphasize and enhance the surface of an object (Textured, Metallic, and Glass) through the use of lighting
  • Recognize and execute the traditional lighting patterns (Butterfly, Side, Rembrandt, and Loop) for classic portraiture
  • Shoot, Develop, and Print a 4×5 negative in 120 minutes without a Tripod (I completed in 80 minutes)

This course, although all of the assignments were very practical, the execution of them was very technical. I learned I have no love what-so-ever for print spotting by hand.

Until the next binder folks…

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