Blog Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 1168 with Les Bazso

Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 1168 with Les Bazso


Another post in an effort to digitize all of the work I did in the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging Program. You can see all the previous posts here. In the second semester of the program Photo 1168 focused on Photojournalism, this was my chosen elective for the final term of the course. The assignments in this course were:

  • Photo Story
  • Soundslides Project
  • Environment Portrait
  • News Story
  • Sports Story

Through these assignments I learned how to:

  • Tell a visual story through specific types of images (Long, medium, close up, lead/impact, portrait, interaction,sequence, detail, and closer)
  • Find the key angle/person that the story can revolve around
  • Execute an environmental portrait
  • Write a complete cut line (who, what, where, when, and why)
  • Cover an assignment:
    • understand your audience
    • find out what the story is about and decide how to capture that element visually
    • keep moving
    • include faces
    • shoot right away; then get ready for a better shot
    • look for the decisive moment

This course was great as Les Bazso works for The Province and it was awesome to hear all the stories from recent stories he had been shooting. I love the pressure of Photojournalism and the fact that some things are only going to happen once and you need to be on your toes to capture them. Thanks Les for an awesome semester!

Until the next binder…

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