Blog Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 1248 with Darren Bernaerdt

Langara Photo-Imaging Program – Photo 1248 with Darren Bernaerdt


Another post in an effort to digitize all of the work I did in the Langara Professional Photo-Imaging Program. You can see all the previous posts here. In the second semester of the program Photo 1248 focused on the use of Photoshop, my favorite. The assignments in this course were:

  • Color Correction
  • Color Ring Around and HDR Image
  • Passport Photo
  • Selections
  • Restoration
  • Magazine Ad Recreation
  • Montage
  • Exploded View

Through this Photoshop course I learned how to:

  • Scan reflective and transmissive originals to professional standards
  • Use Proper Digital Asset Management Techniques and Workflow
  • Utilize tools with a full comprehension of their purpose
  • Create Composite images
  • Implement ICC based color management
  • Analyze images to determine a color correction strategy
  • Explain the resolution requirements of web vs print
  • Use actions to work more efficiently

This was one of my favorite classes in the program and a majority of what I learned in this course I still use on a daily basis.

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